Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition


Alegria tells the story of an epic solo expedition across the Himalaya that changed the life of hundreds of people in need. Supporting leprosy patients and mentally destitute women in India. Christoph von Toggenburg cycled 3200km on the world’s highest tracks pulling a 40kg trailer packed with survival gear. With little air to breathe and facing temperatures between -15°C to +45°C he crossed mountain passes higher than 5500m mastering a total of 50’000m, Christoph fell altitude sick and was hit by rock fall.

Crossing Nepal during the Maoist unrests, conflict stricken Kashmir, Christoph encountered wonderful hospitality, found new friends, and saw some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. 

He became film-maker, actor, fund- and awareness-raiser in one person capturing this epic adventure entirely by himself. Alegria has won more than 40 international film awards, was shown in more than 50 countries and translated into seven languages.


TEDx In October 2012, Christoph spoke about his passion to create change through 'Feel, Like, ACT!